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Benefits And Negative Side Effects Of HGH Injections

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, has been in the public eye for a while now. In the human body, HGH is responsible for stimulating cell growth, renewal and reproduction. The body produces HGH naturally, in the pituitary gland; however, production declines as we get older. Using HGH to produce gains in energy, muscle mass, and bone density, as well as recover more quickly from work outs, has been used for quite some time. However, injecting HGH can cause some hefty side effects.

When HGH is injected, it works as an anabolic steroid. Unless you've been living in a cave, you know about the side effects of anabolic steroid use. Anabolic steroids are similar in structure to testosterone, the male hormone. While their use does produce sometimes dramatic increases in muscle mass, they also cause testicular shrinkage, acne, aggression and heart attack (in men), and acne, facial hair, heart problems, breast shrinkage, and fertility problems (in women).

Because of the huge health risks associated with them, and because of the unfair advantage their use gives an athlete, the use of anabolic steroids has been banned by most competitive sports. While HGH was undetectable until the turn of the century, it, too, has now been outlawed.

There is, however, a way to harness the power of your body's own HGH, without dangerous injections and unwanted side effects. The use of an HGH releaser is completely legal, safe, and can bring you some definite benefits.

An HGH releaser prompts your body to release more of its own HGH from the pituitary gland, to help your body return its HGH levels to something closer to the levels of youth. The upside is pretty amazing; you can see increased energy, increased bone mass and increased muscle mass. With the increase in muscle mass, you could also see a decrease in body fat; the increased energy and ability to recover from workouts more easily enhances this benefit. You will probably also see younger-looking skin, with fewer wrinkles, and see an increase in your sexual performance - what a bonus!

HGH releasers are available in tablets or oral sprays; always do your research before settling on a product, and be sure to take it according to label recommendations; more is not always better! In addition, be sure to take the releaser for a sustained period of time; it doesn't produce instant results. It works best when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and proper exercise.

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